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Ionic Liquid in Multicomponent Reactions: A Brief Review

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 2 ]


Lennine R. Melo and Wender A. Silva   Pages 120 - 132 ( 13 )


Chemistry today is focused on the development of most effective reactions and methodologies that should be used in more sustainable and eco-friendly conditions. The ionic liquids are recognized for their ability to form clusters and enhance properties of certain catalysts. Attempts to connect the advantages of catalysis in ionic liquids (IL) with multicomponent reaction (MCR) are found. Multicomponent Reactions (MCRs) offer many advantages, and due to there ability to quickly create molecular diversity and molecular complexity allowing the generation of compounds containing essentially all atoms of reactants, they have become an important new way of synthesizing bioactive products. Methods: The main results reported from 2012 until the present day are summarized in this review about catalysis in ionic liquids (IL) with multicomponent reaction (MCR). Results: Several research groups are highlighted in catalysis study in ionic liquids to further enhance the results of possibilities within the universe of multicomponent reactions, showing his versatility in synthesizing complex systems with high convergence and good yields. Conclusion: A wide range of multicomponent reaction in ionic liquid showed in this review confirms that this area of science stands out for presenting general methods and mild and environmentally friendly conditions.


Environment, ionic liquid, multicomponent reactions, sustainable.


Laboratory for Bioactive Compound Synthesis, University of Brasilia (IQ-UnB). Campus Universitario Darcy Ribeiro, CEP 70904970, P.O.Box 4478, Brasilia-DF, Brazil.

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